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Hi, i am Saige, i came up with  Winterbear because i have a special spirit guide named Cubby, and he is a bear, also i have a crystal ball named Winter. i love them both very much, i love all my spiritual things, especially my guides.


People say i am talented not only for spiritual and witchcraft thing like, i am psychic, i am an beginner tarot reader, i am a crystal ball reader, an oracle card reader, a crystal grid maker and a crystal talker,  i also am very good at art, gymnastic wise things as feed back there are many,many, people that  feel the courageous and inspiring side. i love my family and friends very much i would always look to them and put them before myself.


I might and i might not be good at it but i really enjoy writing quotes, i love to read them too.

i normally find myself on technology however i always find spare time to study and complete brain quizzers and pop quizzes i love to do extra work to exercise the brain i love learning because it not only is fun, but you will find interesting things when you unfold specific topics! my biggest hobby is to write horror stories it is a great and fun way to use your imagination and creativity.

love Saige xox

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