Hello again, this is going to be the very first article about the Spirit Realm and ones who have passed and it's all about Samhain.

Samhain is a very special day/night for me, it's a time to represent the ones who have passed on.

Tonight I did a Ritual in my own Circle of crystals, with the candles for North, East, South and West.

(My Circle: My Mum lights a skinny candle for me to use to light my own Corner Candles for North, South, East and West because I don't like matches or lighters. I have photos of Dads' Pop, and my favourite pets who have died and my Circle is lined with lots of crystals)

I honoured my family members who passed with a glass of wine (I didn't drink it, I left it out for them) and I am given a wish, I share my wish with them and then burn it in the cauldron.

It is very important that you smudge before and after and make sure you have photos of the people you knew that passed away.

Oh and if you are going to do your Ritual inside the house, be careful when you burn incense in the cauldron because the smoke alarms will go off! And if you are a Witchling like me, make sure your Mum or Dad lights the charcoals and candles for you.

Saige xox

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