Welcome to my blog ~ Writtings of a witchling

Hi! I'm Saige. Welcome to my very first blog :)

My life as a witchling can be very difficult, when I first started learning how to use a crystal ball it was like a portal, watching things happen it was a miracle to me.

My family and I have done a lot of Rituals in the past years, I was 6 when I first started to practice spells and as I learned I looked forward to the years ahead of me.

I have now got 2 Book of Shadows', 32 crystals, 2 Oracle decks, a Crystal Ball named "Winter" and a Chalice. I have been doing Crystal Ball and Oracle Readings for $5 for just over 2 years as well and it's very nice to be able to show everyone that I can help them with their past, present and future.

At School it's like I'm some creature from a different Universe, it's very hard for me to fit in, especially as I can't tell many people about my abilities because I can't always be myself without being teased.

Once, the bell went and the teachers' keys didn't fit into the door, so I closed my eyes and the door unlocked by itself and no-one even noticed it was really me. It's weird how things like that happen for me.

I'm still very young and curious about what will happen next! About 2 months ago I was able to lift both of my feet off the ground without falling, I tried it again but I couldn't get it to work again, I think I need to relax more and not try so hard.

Well, that's all I have to say for today. I will be writing some articles about my life as a witchling, some of my own spells and rituals for other kids and about other magic things I have learnt or remember from past lives. Saige xox


this blog as written when i was 7 years old I am now 10 turning 11 in 2018

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