What I have been up to in 2018

HI! i thought i might write another blog because i haven't posted in a long time, so how about we start by catching up on the events of this year.... I am now 11 years old, i am in grade 5 and i am running a very happy, successful business. i have done many things this year including a very fun competition i am participating in, in fact it will be held this Saturday (25/8/18) and i am super exited!!! what my team is doing, is preforming a play based on a 30th years of friendiversary, unfortunately the story line is long, if you want to hear more about it, just share it in the comments area below and i will give a brief description in another blog, anyway i also have had a Japanese buddy at school named Rei Yoshizumi, she is very kind and a fun person for a 14 year old. she goes back tomorrow to Japan though, i am going to miss her lots. i have been learning to do tricks like hollies ( o - llys-) and pop shove its on my skateboard.i went to the movies and i watched a movie called the Meg, it is about a huge pre- historic shark called a megladon that there was 2 more living ones they are over 1000 times bigger than Jaws ( the biggest great white shark) it was a cool movie, but it is sad how the biggest megladon eats the smaller one.... anyway you guys have to watch it!! Well, osatra is coming up, and i will be doing a blog about that shortly. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed reading this i will write soon, bye!


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