My Spirit guide Sparky

Hello! this blog is just to share with you all how Sparky was put into my life. For all of you who do not know who Sparky is, he is one of my spirit guides, he is a red dragon who loves anything electric. which is how he got given his name. he was given to me as just a small little egg following me where ever I went, until finally, he hatched! he was just a tiny little baby when I first got close with him, we would play around on the computer together, play around during I.C.T at school and sometimes even just plying tag on the oval. Although none of my friends can see him, He likes to hang around with them and have fun playing with he grew up, I did as well, he often helps me whenever I am feeling down or have nothing to do. I know that if you had him as a friend, it would be very hard to let him go, which is how I feel about him right now. He and Cubby are like the best friends I've ever had. I love him very much and in fact, he is here with me right now and both of us just want to hope that you feel a special connection with someone one day and let it be as strong as ours, maybe even stronger!

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