I am really excited to share my very first Oracle Deck with you all!


The pictures are all hand drawn by me and I have written a little booklet to go with each deck to tell you what the cards mean. 


There are 15 cards in my deck and I have decided to wrap them in little bags with their booklet and a free crystal! 


The Oracle of Wisdom is perfect for all ages and very easy to use.


*** If you live overseas you are welcome to purchase from the printers in America, this will save you a little time and money by not having to wait for them to ship over to me and then over to you. They won't come in a bag or with a crystal though, sorry! - $14.99 USD plus postage from here:


The Oracle of Wisdom

  • My Oracle Decks are printed in America and will take a few weeks to arrive in the mail. (test deck took 2 weeks)


    I can order them with faster shipping on request and let you know how much the difference will be.

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